One cheat for every word game..

First of all, Word Cheat was created by Sababa dev team. It’s a word game puzzle solver. This app can overlay onto any word game to interact with it and give you the best words to play. Word Cheat can be downloaded from our downloads page.

Need help creating high scoring words, help with solving word find or other word games. Use this handy app to solve all your word game conundrums. Word Cheat can unscramble any anagram and produce you the best results to play for your word game. This app will guarantee a win in any word game. Beat all your friends without wasting hours pouring over your phone, scraping your brain, trying to figure out the best word to play. Word Cheat overlays on top of your word game to interact with you and give you the best scoring results right while playing your game.

Watch this to see how it interacts with many different games.

Playlist: Words Cheat works will all word games

Every time I play any scrabble game, word finder or anagram, I whip out Word Cheat to get the correct answer FAST! Because it’s the most easy to use, high rated app. It’s so easy to use due to the simplicity of the interface, you just input your games letters that it’s provided for you. Then hit GO! It will instantly produce all the high scoring, winning words that can be played in your game. If you find a game that it doesn’t work with, simply submit it to the developers and they will include it in the next release. Let us know if there’s any bugs or problems in running the app. We’ll submit them to our DEV team and have it working in no time. We’ve recently upgraded our algorithms to give you the bets results with minimal CPU usage saving your phones battery and saves you on waiting time.

Where to get it?

Give it a test run, it’s free to download and install, unrestricted access with no hurdles.

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